About Me

I am Gemma, a Freelance Writer blogging about my travel adventures with my rescue dog Annie.   I am passionate about living an outdoor lifestyle and slow travel.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, I just think that travelling at a leisurely pace gives me a much more authentic experience, I integrate more with the local community, it works out cheaper, is more relaxing and is a more sustainable way to explore Europe. I hope this deeper knowledge of the areas I visit means that my articles are more authoritative and useful for any readers.

Alongside articles about hiking and travel, I also post about environmental issues, social responsibility, and, of course, dogs.

Gemma Hiking with views of Courmayeur

I caught the serious travel bug when I took an extended road trip with my longtime companion Daisy, the Cocker Spaniel, in 2016.  We made our way from Edinburgh in Scotland all the way down to Southern Spain and had a blast in the process.

It was a hugely cathartic trip, I was struggling after experiencing, what was for me, an unexpected divorce and, as a consequence, leaving behind my vocational passion project Just Dogs, a specialist dog shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

While I absolutely loved my ten years developing the venture and my close links with customers, two and four-legged, after my change in personal circumstances and some soul searching, I took the decision to move on and this has allowed me to travel, further my writing portfolio and gain some new life experiences. That old cliche of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is true. It really is where the magic happens!

Daisy in front of the beautiful Andulacian countryside

After my heart dog Daisy passed at the grand old age of 14, I adopted Annie who had been rescued from a Perrera in Spain.    She is wary of strangers, after a tough start, but once you gain her trust she is the most loving, loyal, cuddly and intelligent dog and I am blessed to have her as my travel buddy.

Annie and I started our roaming adventures in the Summer of 2018.  After a road trip that took us all the way down to the Italian Island of Sicily, we have made a temporary base in Courmayeur in the Italian Alps and we are enjoying the opportunity to really immerse ourselves in this spectacular region for now.

Annie and her snowballs